Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #6

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Uncanny X-Men Issue #6 (July 10, 1964)

Story By: Stan Lee                                            Art By: Jack Kirby

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Brief Description: The X-Men and Brotherhood are evenly matched, and both teams think Namor the Sub-Mariner can turn the tide in their favor! Too bad no one told them that in the war between good and evil, Namor’s just as likely to fight both sides!

Characters Introduced in This Issue:

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Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie): Namor was born to the royal family of Atlantis, eventually becoming king of the underwater nation. Throughout the years, Namor has been good at times and bad at other times. He is sometimes described as “Marvel’s first mutant” because he was introduced before the X-Men and was later called a mutant. He is half human and half Atlantean.

-Powers: Namor possesses a fully amphibious physiology suited for extreme undersea pressures, superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, flight through wings on his feet, and longevity. He also has special vision that helps him see in the murky waters of the ocean.

Recurring Characters in This Issue: Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, Mastermind, Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Angel, Beast


In this issue, both Professor X and Magneto realize that Namor is probably a mutant and they both try to seek him out by using telepathic holographs of themselves. Magneto reaches Namor first and sets up a meeting between himself and the Atlantean king.

Professor X knows that Namor is going to meet with Magneto on Magneto’s new island headquarters so the X-Men charter a boat and head to the island to face off with the evil mutants.

During the battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, Magneto threatens to hurt Quicksilver in an attack against the X-Men because the speedy mutant is in the way after he is captured by the X-Men. The Scarlet Witch pleads Magneto not to do it and an angry Namor stops Magneto because he does not like the way that Magneto is disrespecting the Scarlet Witch.

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Consequently, Magneto attacks Namor and retreats with Toad and Mastermind when he sees that the battle is lost. However the Scarlet Witch remains on the island to save her brother with the help of Namor. After a brief scuffle with Namor, the X-Men let Quicksilver go and the twins rejoin Magneto. Namor goes back into the sea.


First off, the first page of this issue is ridiculous for many reasons. Cyclops is using his eye beams to scold Beast for having bad table manners. Jean Grey cooked the meal for the X-Men probably just because she is the only female on the team. And Iceman is eating ice cream once again.

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The next ridiculous thing that occurs is that Magneto is somehow able to use telepathic powers to send a holographic projection of himself into the ocean. Magneto definitely does not have this power in the future. I really hope this power goes away fast because it is bizarre that he can do it and it belittles Professor X’s powers if Magneto can copy them.

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This issue continued to be unbelievable when the X-Men charter a big boat to cross the ocean. Really? A boat? What about their jet?

It is interesting to note that the students are always mentioning how lucky it is that Professor X trained them so well. They all hold him in such high regard as a perfect leader and teacher. I’m sure he will show some flaws eventually.

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This issue both showed the flaws and the strengths of Mastermind’s powers. Firstly, I don’t think Mastermind should regularly work with the same team because it gives up his element of surprise. Mastermind’s illusions don’t fool the X-Men when he is with the Brotherhood because they know that he is there. However Mastermind shows his strength when he creates a dense fog illusion. Even though the X-Men know that it is fake, they still can’t see anything and the bad guys are able to escape.

Overall this issue is a bit too much for me. There were too many ridiculous things going on and not too much humor. This is probably the first poor issue of the series so far.

A few final notes:

1. Quicksilver looks silly when he is running in these panels.

photo 4

2. Mageto says he “rules by fear alone”

3. Is Magneto really going to have a brand new base every single issue?

4. Jean does not like the Scarlet Witch because she is too attractive, which seems a bit superficial and sexist. Jean and the Scarlet Witch are sexualized as much as they can be in these pg comics.

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