Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #11


Uncanny X-Men Issue #11 (May 10, 1965)

Story By: Stan Lee                                            Art By: Jack Kirby

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Brief Description: Magneto meets his match in the menace called…the Stranger! Can either the X-Men or the Brotherhood withstand his power?

Characters Introduced in This Issue:

photo 5

The Stranger: The Stranger is a cosmic entity who is a scientist and surveyor of worlds. He studies mutations throughout the universe and has been an enemy of many Marvel characters. He has a laboratory planet where he collects beings from all across the universe to study.

-Powers: The Stranger has the ability to channel and manipulate cosmic power for virtually any use including levitation, force field creation, size shifting, creation and manipulation of matter, light speed space travel, intangibility, and energy projection.

Recurring Characters in This Issue: Magneto, Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad, Professor X, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Jean Grey, Iceman


In this issue both Professor X and Magneto discover the arrival of the Stranger who they both believe is a mutant. The X-Men and the Brotherhood both seek out the Stranger to ask him to join their teams.

Magneto finds the Stranger first and is not impressed with Magneto and the Brotherhood’s showing of power. The cosmic being turns Mastermind to stone. The commotion alerts the X-Men to their whereabouts and the two teams battle. Iceman freezes Quicksilver in ice and the Stranger decides to escape through a cone of teleportation. Magneto and Toad follow him.

After a brief scuffle with the Scarlet Witch, Cyclops saves Quicksilver’s life by unfreezing him and Quicksilver and his sister leave saying that they are done working for Magneto and are done fighting in this war between mutants.

photo 3

Meanwhile Stranger encases Toad and Magneto in anti magnetic wrapping and they are helpless. The X-Men find them and are about to do battle with Stranger but Stranger shoots off into space with Magneto and toad before any fighting begins. The Stranger states that, “We shall never return”. The X-Men rejoice that Magneto is finally defeated.


This issue serves as the end to the first story arc in Uncanny X-Men. Magneto is defeated and the X-Men will now have to face a series of new villains. This will be great for the series because it will introduce a new bunch of interesting villains. The defeat of Magneto seems a bit silly and way too easy, but it will be good to see a new archenemy. And we all know that Magneto and Toad and Mastermind will return.

It is a bit strange that Professor X and the X-Men are so happy that Magneto is taken prisoner in space. Sure they hate each other, but the modern X-Men would never wish such a fate to a foe. In fact the modern X-Men would probably try and rescue Magneto. No one deserves to be held prisoner for use in medical studies. However once again, they needed Magneto to go away for a while.

It’s great that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are now free to join the Avengers but I am sad that I won’t be seeing them very often in the X-Men anymore. They are both great characters.

A few final notes:

1. Cyclops loses control of his eye beams for the first time in this issue, but nothing too bad happens.

photo 4

2. The X-Men continue to use helicopters but at least there new one has an X on it.

photo 1

3. The usual Jean Grey-Cyclops tension continues.

photo 2

7 thoughts on “Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #11

  1. I had kind of a hard time figuring out where in the Stranger is supposed to be; Beast’s outstretched hand is about the only indication that he’s a normal sized dude floating in their midst rather than a giant Mark Twain stepping on the crowd that Cyclops, Angel and Iceman are running in horror from.

  2. Uncanny X-Men is one of my favorites and I actually had a subscription for a year when I was a kid. These posts are great! Going issue by issue is a great idea and I cannot wait to see more!

  3. Alex Wei says:

    Perhaps this was written before they had decided that the Prof and Magneto has been friends before they came to the parting of the ways.

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