Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #24


Uncanny X-Men Issue #24 (September 10, 1966)

Story By: Roy Thomas                                Art By: Werner Roth

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Brief Description: There are plenty of mad scientists in the Marvel Universe, but few buggier than the Locust! Will his giant insects cut the X-Men down to size?

Characters Introduced in This Issue:

photo 4

*Locust (August Hopper): Locust is a scientist who used to be one of the most respected names in entomology. However, his theories about giant insects got him fired from his job at a university. He then creates devices that make insects grow large to prove his theories.

-Powers: The Locust has a jet pack that he uses to fly around. He also has antennas on his helmet that allow him to communicate with and control insects. He uses ray guns to make insects grow in size.


This issue begins with Jean Grey leaving the X-Men. It is revealed that she is leaving Xavier’s school because her parents want her to go to college. The team says their goodbyes to Jean and her departure is particularly hard on Cyclops and Angel.

photo 4-1

After Jean leaves, we are introduced to a new villain named Locust who is decimating a farmer’s crops using genetically enhanced locusts that he created. The X-Men (minus Jean) hear about these locusts and go to investigate. The X-Men defeat the locusts and are able to capture one for research, but the insects’ master escapes.

Meanwhile at college, Jean encounters a former professor named August Hopper who is obsessed with insects. Jean returns to the mansion and tells Professor X about Hopper and they suspect that he is Locust.

Soon after, the X-Men face off against Locust again and are able to defeat his army of beetles and wasps. Jean is able to turn Locust’s bugs against him by messing with the antenna in Locust’s helmet and the villain’s minions destroy his lab. Locust’s giant beetles almost kill the evildoer, but the X-Men save him and he vows to turn himself into the authorities.

photo 2

photo 1


Issue 24 is another good issue. Locust is an interesting villain and I enjoyed watching the X-Men fight against giant bugs. It was almost as entertaining as watching them fight dinosaurs in issue 10.

photo 2-2

I also enjoyed the Jean-Angel-Cyclops drama. I feel like Cyclops and Jean are finally going to be together soon.

photo 3-1

I’m happy to see that it looks like Jean will not actually be missing from the upcoming issues. She may be going to college, but she will still help the team in most issues I assume.

This issue features Professor X walking around disguise again and I found it just as hysterical as when he did this in the last issue.

photo 3

One thing I am very pleased to see in this issue is the X-Men saving the life of a villain. Even though Locust is a bad guy, no true super hero would let him die. It was very strange to see the X-Men let Magneto get tortured in previous issues so I’m glad they seem to be changing in the way they deal with bad guys.

Overall this issue is great and it seems like Uncanny X-Men is hitting a good streak right now.

One final note:

1. Iceman gives a shout out to Hawkeye.

photo 1-1

6 thoughts on “Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #24

  1. Alex Wei says:

    The Professor is walking? Through the course of the series, he has sometimes been able to walk and mostly not. I don’t remember this story; do they explain why he is walking now?

  2. Ani J. Sharmin says:

    That’s an interesting development for Jean. I’m wondering how much of a forward that was in that time period, to have the female character go to college, and how readers would have reacted to that.

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