Review of uncanny X-Men Issue #28

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Uncanny X-Men Issue #28 (January 10, 1967)

Story By: Roy Thomas                                Art By: Werner Roth

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Brief Description: The X-Men face off against a secret organization called Factor Three for the first time and must battle the mysterious Banshee and Ogre.

Characters Introduced in This Issue:

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*Banshee (Sean Cassidy): Banshee is an Irish born mutant who used to work for Interpol as an Inspector. Banshee eventually becomes a member of the X-Men.

-Powers: Banshee has the power to create sonic screams for various effects. He can fly with his screams, he can overwhelm listeners with deafening noise, and he can put them in hypnotic trances.

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*Ogre (Brian Dunlap): Not much is known about Ogre besides the fact that he is a member of the mutant terrorist organization called Factor Three.

-Powers: Ogre has now powers, but he has an increased level of engineering and scientific knowledge that he uses to create weapons like particle blasters and rocket boots.

Recurring Characters in This Issue: Mimic, Professor X, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman


This issue begins with the introduction of a new mutant named Banshee who renders a whole block of Manhattan unconscious with his sonic screams so that he can steal a painting from a museum.

We quickly learn that Banshee is working with Ogre and a group called Factor Three and that they plan on kidnapping Professor X.

Professor X is aware that an attack is imminent and he creates earplugs for the X-Men that he hopes will stop the effects of Banshee’s screeching. However the earplugs do not work and Banshee renders all of the X-Men unconscious when he attacks the mansion.

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Banshee quickly leaves the mansion so that Mimic will not be able to use his powers and become conscious again. Ogre than enters the mansion and begins to take the Professor away. However, the X-Men do not stay unconscious for long and are able to stop Ogre from taking their leader.

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Frustrated, Banshee returns to attack the X-Men but this time Professor X has made them better earplugs that are effective against the wailing mutant. The team captures Banshee and places him in a vacuum chamber where he can’t escape with his screams.

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Ogre then attacks again, but is foiled by Cyclops. In the end of the issue, Professor X frees Banshee and we learn that he was only helping Ogre because a bomb was strapped on his head that Ogre had the power to blow up.


I enjoyed reading this issue. It was great to see Banshee being introduced for the first time, even if he looked a little bit ridiculous. I liked the fact that Banshee took the time to do superfluous crimes like stealing a relatively inexpensive painting and stealing tobacco. It made him more of a quirky villain/hero.

I am finding the Mimic-X-Men dynamic very interesting now that he is deputy leader of the team. I don’t understand why he is leader because he is so unstable, but I like the dynamic he brings to the group. He adds tension to the X-Men dynamic. I wonder how long he will remain on the team.

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I don’t have very much to criticize about this issue. Only a few small points:

1. Ogre is not the most interesting villain, but he did show some cunning in this issue and I appreciated it.

2. I am still not a fan of the Jean-Ted relationship. I want her to date Cyclops already!

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3. There is some more girly girl Jean stuff that I don’t like.

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4. They say that Banshee is more powerful than Magneto? That does not seem right to me.

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5. Apparently Ogre’s weakness is tripping.

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