My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes

This blog is devoted to Uncanny X-Men, but I am also a big fan of Marvel Comics in general and I decided that I would show some love for my favorite superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Here are my top 10 favorite Marvel characters! As you may have noticed, some of these characters overlap with my My Ideal X-Men Team list!

10. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Ghost Rider was one of my first favorite heroes when I was young because he looked so cool. I still think he looks awesome these days, but that is not the main reason why Ghost Rider is one of my favorite characters. Johnny Blaze is a flawed man and this makes him interesting. Ghost Rider’s power set is also very different and unique. I like Ghost Rider so much that I really enjoyed the two Nicholas Cage movies even though they weren’t very good.

9. Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. As shown in House of M, Scarlet Witch has so much power that she can change reality. I have always found the Scarlet Witch fascinating. Her brother Quicksilver almost made my top 10, but not quite.

8. Daredevil: Daredevil’s power set is simple, but unique. And unlike many super heroes, Daredevil continues to have a normal job while still being a super hero. He defends people by day as a lawyer and defends them by night as a masked vigilante. Unlike pretty much everyone else in the world, I actually really liked the Daredevil movie. I’m very glad that he is getting rebooted with a new tv show on Netflix.

7. Hulk: As Bruce Banner, Hulk is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. In Hulk form, Banner is theoretically an indestructible being and is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.

6. Agent Venom (Flash Thompson: Agent Venom is the newest character to appear on this list and even though he has only been around (In Agent Venom form. Flash Thompson has been around since 1962), he has quickly become one of my favorite characters. When Flash loses his legs and becomes crippled, he bonds with the Venom symbiote and they need each other to survive. Flash is in constant battle with his control of the symbiote and this keeps things interesting.

5. Human Torch: There are a lot of heroes and villains with fire powers in the Marvel Universe but Human Torch is by far the coolest amongst them. Johnny Storm is definitely the most interesting member of the Fantastic Four and one of Marvel’s best characters.

4. Kitty Pryde: Kitty Pryde is by far my favorite female character in the Marvel Universe and is also one of my favorite characters period. She’s a genius and a ninja and she has a pet dragon. What’s not to like?

3. Deadpool: Deadpool is the class clown of the Marvel Universe. He is silly most of the time, but he still has a big impact on the Marvel Universe. Even though the character was copied from DC’s Deathrtroke, over the years he has become everyone’s favorite misfit.

2. Spiderman: Here’s where my list starts to get very obvious. I know I am not alone in my love of Spiderman. Peter may not have the most powerful powers, but that is why I love him. He is the every-man of the super hero world. He needs to work hard to defeat his foes and the challenge makes him endearing. Peter also has one of my favorite relationships in the Marvel Universe with Mary Jane. Hopefully the two of them get back together again soon. There is a reason why there have been 5 Spiderman movies in the past decade. Spiderman is one of the most loveable characters in all of Marvel.

1. Wolverine: Wolverine is so popular that people say they dislike him just because of his popularity. Sure, Wolverine has been the focal point of way too many Marvel major events. And sure, Wolverine is inexplicably in every single Marvel team ever, but there is a reason for this. Wolverine is by far the coolest character in the Marvel Universe. He is a complete badass. Let’s all hope Wolverine does not stay dead for very long following the big Death of Wolverine story.

So what do you think of my Top 10 Marvel Heroes List? Did I do a good job? Do you hate my choices? Who would be in your top 10?

44 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes

  1. Hmmm … Dr. Strange would definitely be on the list for me.That aside, I think you’ve got an excellent list. I like Wanda a lot, and I wish recent writers would do better with her

      • The Ditko/Lee originals from the 1960s are the best place to start, though it takes color to bring out the full impact of the art (which I don’t find true of all the Silver Age stuff).

  2. Well I am the odd one out here because I am a massive DC fan, but I really enjoyed your top 10. My vote for an inclusion on your list would definitely be for the Punisher..I do really like that character, oh and and I also enjoyed the Daredevil you’re not alone there!

  3. sakutian says:

    I like you’re list, good choices all around with a couple of characters I wouldn’t expect to see on everyone’s list.

  4. Ani J. Sharmin says:

    Cool list. I don’t know much about Deadpool, Agent Venom, or Ghost Rider, but the rest are awesome. I’m definitely a Marvel fangirl; my favorites are the X-Men (Rogue, Kitty, Logan, Scott, Bobby), Avengers (especially Steve Rogers), Young Avengers (especially Miss America, Hulkling, Wiccan, Hawkeye), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and Spider-Man (Peter Parker). (Am I the only one who liked the previous Spider-Man movie trilogy more than this one?) Planning on reading the Runaways soon, so maybe that will add to my list. To be fair to DC, I have’t read as much of their stuff.

    Wolverine would definitely be in my top 10, but I don’t know if he’d be #1. If I had to pick one X-Man, I might give the top spot to Scott.

    Unlike pretty much everyone else in the world, I actually really liked the Daredevil movie. I’m very glad that he is getting rebooted with a new tv show on Netflix.

    I actually remember liking the Daredevil movie as well; I had some issues with it, but it really got me interested in the character, who I hadn’t heard of prior to watching it. I don’t think I’d heard of the Netflix reboot. Thanks for the info.

    • Great choices for your favorites. I love the Young Avengers. Have you read Avengers Academy? It is really similar to Young Avengers and it is amazing.

      And yay more people liking the Daredevil movie! And yeah Netflix is doing a Daredevil show and also three other shows about Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.

      • Ani J. Sharmin says:

        I’ve heard of Avengers Academy but haven’t read it yet. Will add it to my to-read list. I found Jessica Jones really interesting/funny in Young Avengers Vol. 1. Hopefully, the show will be good.

  5. A great list for sure, but it’s hard to include everybody. I’d think Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, The Thing, Luke Cage, or even Namor might have taken Agent Venom’s spot, but this is your list. I might have considered Adam Warlock, Moon Knight, Dr. Strange, Beast, or Wonder Man if I put my own personal touch on it! (…now I’m thinking of obscure characters I like, such as Nomad, Mockingbird, Strong Guy, Darkhawk, or Vance Astrovik….this is too hard!…maybe a top 50 is called for!)

  6. Great list! I agree with Capebuster that it would be fun to see you would make your top 10 villains as well. Thinking of my top 10 Marvel heroes is a little tricky, but after a little thought this is who I would initially pick.

    1. Cyclops-I love the classic version of the character, but Utopia is around where I really began to enjoy his new personality as well. His gritty no nonsense character is pretty awe inspiring and he’s a leader that the Xmen needed.

    2. Deadpool – It’s hard to tell if he should really count, but he’s been getting more hero roles lately and he really did help out in the Secret Invasion. His jokes never get old.

    3. Reed Richards- He’s a genius and I always like that, but his personality is what makes him so much fun. He doesn’t brag as much as Ironman, but he’s not as quiet as Bruce Banner, which makes an interesting middle ground for me

    4.Spiderman- I particularly liked him back in the original days and for most of the 90’s comics. I believe that the current ongoing hasn’t really done him justice for the last few years, but he’s definitely still up there.

    5. Wolverine- Another big character and he’s just a great character to root for.

    6. Psylocke- I find her supremely underrated as far as Xmen characters go and I tend to enjoy her portrayal in the modernish comics as well as in the classic 90’s animated cartoon.

    7. Ms Marvel is another good character and her portrayal in EMH was great except for a certain decision towards the end of the show

    8. Agent Coulson- he’s new, but he’s pretty charismatic and he just had to make the list!

    9. Cable- X Sanction is really where I began to see how cool he was.

    10. Adam Warlock- He’s a likable character who typically gets the short end of the stick, but he always defends humanity

  7. Alex Wei says:

    People are always dissing Ben Affleck, but I actually like him better than his pal that he is always compared with, Matt Damon.

    I’m not gonna do my own top 10; it’s too hard to decide. But I’d certainly have Wolverine, Spider-Man and Reed Richards in there. Oh, and I’ve always had a soft spot for The Vision.

    The Human Torch is cool? I know what you mean, but it sounds paradoxical… 😉

    So, Agent Venom is the symbiote and Flash Thompson? Didn’t Thompson used to have some other kind of powers? And I thought the symbiote reproduced and has many “children”; one of which is Carnage. I mean the original Venom, Eddie Brock, still exists, right?

    • I don’t think Flash had powers before this. And there still are many other symbiotes around including Carnage. Eddie Brock became the Anti-Venom with a white venom suit that had the ability to destroy other venom symbiotes. He eventually loses the Anti-Venom suit though.

  8. I’ll share my Top 7 because it gets really hard for me past that:
    My Top 7 Marvel
    1. Spider-Man
    2. Deadpool
    3. Iron Man
    4. Hawkeye
    5. Blink
    6. Captain America
    7. Loki (the hero version)
    And just because…
    My Top 7 DC
    1. Batman
    2. The Flash
    3. Green Lantern
    4. Booster Gold
    5. Superman
    6. Stephanie Brown
    7. Green Arrow

    • All good choices. I didn’t know much about Blink before Days of Future Past but now I want to learn more about her! Who are Booster Gold and Stephanie Brown? I am unfamiliar with those characters.

      • Stephanie Brown was a Batman villain’s daughter who started out trying to thwart Daddy’s crimes as “Spoiler.” At various points she later became Robin and Batgirl, then got killed.
        Booster Gold was a 25th century athlete banned from sports for betting on his own games. He used a time machine to travel back to the present armed with tech that made him a super-hero, figuring he could merchandise his super-identity with product endorsements, the way he would have if he’d been able to build a pro sports career. Despite his moneygrubbing origin, it turns out he has a hero’s heart as well.

  9. Nice list, and I know the Scarlet Witch is powerful, but isn’t Silver Surfer and Galactus stronger? Also, kudos for adding Kitty Pryde, she’s my personal favorite X-Man (or would that be X-Woman?)

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