Red Smile Facebook Page!

I posted about my debut comic series Red Smile yesterday and now I created a Facebook page to promote the comic as well! It would be really awesome if you guys could like the Facebook page and invite your friends to like it too! Here is the link to the Facebook page:

Also here is a new banner image for the series and the original concept art for one of the Smiley Face Masked Intruders!

12 thoughts on “Red Smile Facebook Page!

  1. Alexander J. Wei says:

    This Smiley-face villain (Red Smile?) reminds me of Boss Smiley, the villain of “The Golden Boy”, from the World’s End graphic novel of The Sandman Library. The story is Neil Gaiman bringing back an old comic hero, Prez Rickard, from the hippie era, a young man who become an ideal President of the US. But perhaps you and/or your artist already knew that.

    • It will be unclear at the beginning of the comic series what connection the gang of smiley face murderers has to the Red Smile, but all will be revealed by the end. I’m unfamiliar with that comic, but I’ll have to check it out.

      When I was coming up with the concept for the masked murderers, I was trying to think of a simple mask design that would also be very creepy. And then I realized the yellow smiley face that has been an iconic image for a very long time would be an absolutely terrifying thing if it were worn by someone holding a bloody knife.

  2. Alexander J. Wei says:

    Good thinking! It’s just like how fictional serial killers tap into seemingly innocent children’s stories and nursery rhymes, like in Agatha Christie’s Hickory, Dickory Death, or James Patterson’s Jack and Jill.

    • Yeah James Patterson is a big fan of using fairytales in his titles and in his writing. I also thought it would be creepy to have all of the masked killers be dressed nice in formal attire because that is the last thing you’d expect from a crazy killer.

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