My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes

This blog is devoted to Uncanny X-Men, but I am also a big fan of Marvel Comics in general and I decided that I would show some love for my favorite superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Here are my top 10 favorite Marvel characters! As you may have noticed, some of these characters overlap with my My Ideal X-Men Team list!

10. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Ghost Rider was one of my first favorite heroes when I was young because he looked so cool. I still think he looks awesome these days, but that is not the main reason why Ghost Rider is one of my favorite characters. Johnny Blaze is a flawed man and this makes him interesting. Ghost Rider’s power set is also very different and unique. I like Ghost Rider so much that I really enjoyed the two Nicholas Cage movies even though they weren’t very good.

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My Ideal X-Men Team


While writing reviews of the entire Uncanny X-Men series, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of my ideal X-Men team. Since X-Men teams are traditionally six people, I will stick to six with this list. I may update the list as I learn more about the X-Men mythos as well. Here is my list!


Cyclops: Cyclops will always be the leader of the X-Men in my mind and the centerpiece to the X-Men universe. His views and leadership styles have shifted greatly throughout the years, but there has never been a question as to who is the leader of the mutants. None of the X-Men movies have done a justice to Cyclops, but there would be no X-Men without their first deputy leader.

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