Bio: My name is Kevin O’Leary and I about to begin getting a Masters in Music Industry Leadership at Northeastern University. My goal is to eventually work on the marketing side of the music business. I am also an aspiring comic book writer and am currently working on my first comic called Red Smile with artist Joseba Morales.

Intro: This is my Uncanny X-Men blog. I am planning on reading through all of Uncanny X-Men (Currently 582 issues) and writing a brief synopsis and review of each issue. Why? I have always been a big Marvel comics and X-Men fan and I love to write. Uncanny X-Men is one of the most unique and interesting stories in the Marvel Universe. The X-Men roster of heroes and villains is incredibly vast and they have changed many times over the years. Throughout all of these roster changes, Uncanny X-Men has been able to stay fresh and interesting since 1963. I can’t wait to begin this journey through the history of the X-Men and I hope that some readers will enjoy reading about my journey as well!

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  1. Hey man, I think this is cool what you are doing here and I was wondering what modern titles of X-men do you still read and keep up on? Along with another comics you collect?

    • Hey I’m glad you like the blog. And I’ve currently been reading All New X-Men and all of the Battle of the Atom stuff. When it comes to non X-Men comics that I am currently reading I’ve been reading the new run of Deadpool, Thunderbolts, and I just finished Superior Spider-Man. I also read a variety of different comics depending on my mood. One of my favorite lesser known series ever is Avengers Academy. Great stuff. I’m mainly a Marvel guy, but I’ve been trying to delve into more DC and independent comics lately.

      What do you read?

      • Nice! I’m more of a DC guy. I read Batman, Detective Comics, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond Universe, and I’m reading the 52 issue weekly series Batman Eternal and Futures End. I also enjoy a couple of Image Comics new books, mainly, Pretty Deadly and East of West. I used to read a lot of Marvel including Deadpool, Uncanny X-men, Wolverine, Captain America, and The Amazing Spider-man. Although I don’t collect the issues any longer, I still try to stay up to date on the characters and stories obviously.

        Are you planning on writing reviews on the newer issues of Marvel comics you read, along side what you are doing with the Uncanny X-men reviews?

      • Nice. I think I’m gonna delve into Batman first to get back into DC comics. And I’ve been thinking about reviewing newer issues as well, but I want to devote this blog entirely to Uncanny X-Men so if I do I’ll either put it on my comics tumblr, http://redferretcomics.tumblr.com/ , or make a new wordpress.

      • Maybe we can do some co-blogging? You can write reviews of the newer issues of X-Men, movies, and even the 3 months to die series coming out on my blog since I don’t read the x-men much. let me know and we can see if we can work something out.

  2. Hey, first of all thanks for the like on my little opinion piece on the new X-Men film. Secondly, I love what you are doing here. It is an epic job and great help for us who like all of this, but have never got the money, time and dedication to really follow a series. The fact that you do this reviews is great.

    Finally, as a friendly advice, which you may disregard as I am no one to be telling you what to do hehe, have you consider inserting “Continue reading”/”Read more” tags? I was thinking that that should make it easier to navigate through your blog. Also using the menu customization maybe with categories for every, say, 20 issues, to find them easier. I know this kind of comments usually seem pretentious, but try to read this in the most friendly way possible.

    Thanks again for coming over to my blog. It is always nice to find a fellow blogger/comic book fan. Keep up this great work.

  3. Great thanks I appreciate it! I added some categories so you can navigate the site by year published and by major villain. What do you think? I’m also gonna add read on buttons next.

  4. Reviewing every Uncanny Xmen comic to come out is a great concept. I always thought that it would be fun to target a character and try to get every issue with him/her appearing, but in the end it remained as just a dream. This is pretty similar so I’ll definitely be sticking around to follow your progress. I read a lot of Uncanny Xmen comics thanks to the trade paperbacks, but I haven’t read any of the issues from the current series. I’ll always be glad that the original Uncanny Xmen series helped to establish Wolverine and Colossus as major players in the mutant battle.

    • It is really tough to do something like this because it is hard to get your hands on every issue of a series, but I’m doing it with Marvel Unlimited. For a monthly fee I have access to almost every back issue that Marvel has ever put out!

  5. That’s a really awesome subscription package. It must be amazing to know that you can read any of those issues whenever you want. You’ll definitely feel a lot of satisfaction after reading all of these issues. I know that it’s pretty soon to think of what’s next, but do you have any idea what you’ll do when you’re caught up? Will you start a separate blog for another series, continue on this one, or something else?

    • It is really really great. And it’ll be a long time before I finish the series but it will be quite the accomplishment when I’m done. I was thinking about reading all of The Avengers next. I think that would be a great series to read the whole thing because there’s a lot of variety throughout the years in who is in the team so that would make it interesting. Plus I love the Avengers in general. If I do that I’ll probably create another blog and dedicate that one fully to Avengers.

      Another Idea I had would be to read all of the X-Men comics that were separate from Uncanny X-Men next. That way I will have read every X-Men comic ever!

  6. Hi Kevin, thanks for the follow! I’m more of an indie comic person, but I keep thinking I ought to catch up on the mainstream stuff. Your enthusiasm is so catching, perhaps I’ll start with Uncanny X-Men — starting with following you back!

  7. Ren Ellis says:

    Hi, Kevin. I just wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog. I’ve just started reading the X-Men series and other Marvel comics, so I’m looking forward to reading through your posts!

  8. Thanks for following my blog, Kevin! Best of luck on your project. I look forward to reading what you think about UXM #205. One of my personal faves. Looks like you got a while but I’ll keep coming back. Cheers!

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