Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #29

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Uncanny X-Men Issue #29 (February 10, 1967)

Story By: Roy Thomas                                Art By: Werner Roth

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

Brief Description: The Mimic can copy all of the powers of the X-Men, but the Super-Adaptoid can copy the powers of the Avengers! Who will come out on top?

Characters Introduced in This Issue:

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*Super-Adaptoid: Super-Adaptoid is an android that was created by A.I.M who contains a shard of the Cosmic Cube within its mechanical body. The robot villain was programmed to destroy Captain America.

-Powers: Super-Adaptoid has the ability to copy or mimic powers and skills of super beings, including their equipment and clothing. He gets this power from the Cosmic Cube. When this issue begins, he has the powers of Captain America, Goliath, Wasp, and Hawkeye.

Recurring Characters in  This Issue: Mimic, Angel, Professor X, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, Cyclops.


This issue begins with the X-Men ice skating while on a break from training. After the rest of the X-Men return to the mansion, Iceman remains to continue skating. While skating, he is attacked by a giant robot called Super-Adaptoid. Iceman freezes the robot and returns to the mansion. Unbeknownst to Bobby, the android follows him.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Professor X become fed up with Mimic after the newest member has a battle with the team and the Professor kicks Mimic off of the team.

After Mimic leaves, the X-Men are attacked by Super-Adaptoid and the robot knocks them out using gas-arrows. As Super-Adaptoid is about to copy the X-Men’s powers, Mimic enters the fray and volunteers to be turned into an android so that he can achieve new powers.

However Mimic realizes that he is being tricked by Super-Adaptoid and the two battle. After a scuffle, Mimic is able to trick the robot into trying to copy his powers and both Super-Adaptoid and Mimic lose their powers in an electrical explosion.

photo 1Super-Adaptoid runs away and Mimic declares that he is a changed man and he does not mind that he lost his powers.

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There are some things I really like about this issue, but the issue also has some major flaws. I enjoyed Super-Adaptoid as a villain. He was powerful enough to be a good foe of the X-Men and he was the perfect foil to Mimic. It was great to see the two of them battle each other.

I also enjoyed the ice skating panels at the beginning of the issue. It was silly, but it was amusing to watch the X-Men struggle to ice skate.

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The first problem I had with this issue was that no one believed Iceman when he told the X-Men that a giant robot attacked him. The mutants have seen so many bizarre things. Why wouldn’t they believe Bobby? Or at least give him the benefit of the doubt?

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My second and more major problem with this issue was the ending. I don’t understand exactly what happened when Super-Adaptoid tried to copy Mimic’s powers. I understand that Mimic’s powers are a bit tricky, but why can’t the robot copy them? And why does attempting to copy Mimic’s powers make both Mimic and Super-Adaptoid lose their powers? It doesn’t make sense to me and it seems like it’s just an easy cop out to end the issue and to get rid of Mimic.

Also Mimic seems to be a completely changed man after this battle. He declares that he used to be an arrogant and angry fool and now he wants to be a better person. He doesn’t seem to care at all that he lost his powers. The Mimic I know would be furious if he lost his powers. This change seems way too abrupt.

Does this mean that Mimic is leaving the X-Men? Will he return? Will his powers ever come back? I was starting to enjoy having Mimic around so it will sad to see him go.

Issue 29 was solid, but could have been much better.

One final note:

1. Cyclops continues to struggle with his feelings for Jean and his control over his eye beams.

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10 thoughts on “Review of Uncanny X-Men Issue #29

  1. I too am baffled when characters refuse to be credulous when they are confronted with incredulous situations on a regular basis. Sort of like how by season 3 of X Files, you just face-palm every time Scully keeps insisting that “There’s no way that aliens/ghosts/monsters are behind this!”

  2. Yes on the incredulity.
    I think the idea of the ending is that duplicating what are already duplicated powers caused some kind of feedback. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable idea. I do find it odd that the Super-Adaptoid can turn other people into androids, but that was established in his first appearance against Captain America (though it’s never been brought up since).

  3. Alex Wei says:

    Now we need a three-way battle between the Super-Adaptoid, the Mimic and the Super Skrull!

    I think only the greatest groups get an enemy that copies all their powers. Who ever heard of such a thing for the Guardians of the Galaxy, or the Defenders?

    I think that one reason that they didn’t believe Bobby (besides the fact that the plot required it!) is that he’s kind of a joker, not serious all the time.

    Don’t forget that the reason Scully is paired with Mulder is BECAUSE she is skeptical; it’s part of her job description. If she buys too many of Mulder’s wild ideas, they’ll reassign her and break the two up. I think eventually it does come to that, and they try to reassign her.

  4. Alex Wei says:

    I forgot about the JSA! And I guess I never read the story about the Heroes for Hire.

    Now it would be really something if he tried to duplicate the Inferior Five, say! 😉

    Ok, with JSA we’re talking DC. Was there an equivalent for any incarnation of the Justice League? I just don’t know.

    • The JLA had the first villain of this kind that I know of, Amazo, an android designed to duplicate all their powers. They had a couple of later, more forgettable ones in that vein.
      The Composite Superman had the combined powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he was a Superman/Batman adversary.

  5. Alex Wei says:

    I remember one silly story where Metamorpho, the Element Man, was trying another treatment for his condition, which some silly assistant was totaling some quiz about Superman and Batman. Next thing you know, he has all of Superman and Batman’s powers, as well as his own. Don’t tell me it doesn’t make sense, just accept it, ok? So he starts being the greatest hero and Supes and Bats get mad but he beats them. Suddenly some super villain defeats HIM; and Supes and Bats recover and save him. The effect turns out to be temporary. What a silly, throw-away story!

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